T-Handle Drain Plug for 1" Diameter Drains, 2-Pack - FO2882-M2

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FOR 1-INCH DIAMETER DRAINS - This T-Handle Drain Plug is designed to fit 1-inch diameter drain openings.

EASY TO USE - Insert the Drain Plug into the drain opening and turn the T-handle clockwise to tighten it in place. Tturn the T-handle counter-clockwise to release.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Made of non-corrosive brass for long-lasting durability and features a rubber gasket to create a tight seal.

HOW IT WORKS - This plug consists of a rubber plug and brass lever which when in the depressed position expands the rubber to hold the plug securely in the hole.

APPLICATIONS - Commonly used to plug the drain hole in many production boats, other uses include bait tanks and coolers.