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Who are we?

We are a company with more than 40 years of worldwide experience in the marine industry. Our mission is clear: to passionately offer a very broad range of products with the best value equation.
five oceans marine equipment supply
We are lovers of the amazing experience of being on board, whatever the activity is (sailing, fishing, cruising, water-sporting, etc.) Our experience of more than 40 years plus our boundless passion for the ocean and marine activities led us to offer thousands of products for those who own any kind of boat. Boat owners need reliable products that are affordable and have premium quality
five oceans marine equipment supplies
After so many years of providing service to sailors worldwide, we felt the need to develop a brand where we could combine our experience and passion for navigating the oceans. 
Our brand represents years of working together with excellent suppliers, years of learning the needs of the customer, years of knowing in-depth the market channels (from the physical store to e-commerce), and years of continuing to enjoy the journey which led us to create Five Oceans.
Today, Five Oceans is one of the leaders in presence and innovation in the marine industry. 
five oceans marine equipment supply


FIVE OCEANS was born in 2004 and within a few years, it became a reference within the marine industry. The name was born in our love for the ocean, which allows us to channel our passion with great energy and peace of mind. In our business model, power generation is what allows us to be energized after 40 years in a changing and challenging world, which forces us to reinvent ourselves, seek innovation, new channels, and more potential customers. Peace of mind is what our customers feel when buying our products: they value the quality, value equation, and availability of FIVE OCEANS products.

five oceans marine equipment


But why FIVE OCEANS? It represents the 5 oceans:  Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and South/Antarctic. The name, in line with the global coverage of these 5 oceans guides us: it forces us to offer the most powerful brand portfolio in the marine industry, requires us to be present everywhere regardless of whether it is south, north, east, or west and fills us with values that are generated from the ocean: purity, energy, peace, development of life.

 five oceans marine equipment

As our logo identifies it, our FIVE OCEANS brand is based on 5 pillars that we describe as waves within these oceans:

  • Optimal Portfolio: We have the most complete portfolio in the marine industry with more than 1500 products that are reviewed and renewed every year
  • Credibility:  our track record, name in the market, and expertise in the marine industry gives us unique credibility in the industry
  • Equation: Our products offer excellent quality and a unique price on the market that allows us to offer the best value equation in the category.
  • Availability: Our logistical strength based on the trajectory and our partner relationships with our factories allow us to always have the right stock and offer our products in the most important channels for the industry.
  • New Products (Innovation): Our innovation process allows us to generate about 150 new products for each season. This competitive advantage is based on our experience and relationship with suppliers.

five oceans

In line with all this, we summarize our brand purpose: We are the official sponsor and supplier of your passion, Enjoy your Passion!



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