Second Station Wireless Remote Control 12V, Compatible with Searchlight (FO4519) - FO4520

Sale price$36.00

REPLACEMENT FOR: Optional Wireless Bridge Remote for Five Oceans Marine Boat Spotlight FO-4519. Power by 12V Hardwires to power. There is no wiring required from the spotlight to the bridge remote. The spotlight and the bridge remote must be wired locally to power.

LONG RANGE REMOTE: The wireless remote transmits a signal up to 98ft (30m).

CONTROLS: Keys with arrows to control the rotation of the spotlight, and an options button to change between the two light functions: spot/ flood switch.

WATERPROOF: IP Rating: 65. Protected from total dust ingress and protected from low-pressure jets water from all directions.

FUNCTIONALITY: This Remote Allows you to have Searchlight control under any condition that you will never lose and is always ready to work. Both controls, the Wireless Hand-held Bridge remote and Wireless Bridge Remote can be used at the same time.


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