Trolling Motor Foot Switch with On Lever Continuous Control, 12-24V - FO4601

Sale price$23.20

Trolling motor switch - The product features an on-lever continuous control, providing seamless operation for your trolling motor. This trolling motor foot pedal allows hands-free operation for manually operated trolling motors.

Foot pedal trolling motor - This trolling motor controller is rated up to 50 amps DC, making it a reliable choice for your boating needs. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance and durability - waterproof IP65.

12-24 volts operation - This trolling motor switch operates within a 12-24 volts range, making it compatible with a wide range of trolling motors. It's an excellent addition to your boating accessories.

Effortless motor control - Provides the convenience of turning the motor on by simply pressing down on the foot pedal trolling motor switch with your foot without having to reach the trolling motor head.

To begin the installation of the trolling motor foot control - Choose a suitable spot on the deck for the switch. Once you've decided on the location, use the provided fasteners to securely attach the switch to the deck.