Spare Wireless Trasmitter + Receiver for Remote Control - FO4413

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Wireless remote control that allows to operate it from distance up to 100 FT (depending on obstacles between receiver and transmitter). Ideal when the hoist is placed far from the operator or from high beams where conventional wired controls are not practical. Complete Wireless Remote Control Kit (Wireless Trasmitter and Receiver). For use with all Five Oceans Wireless Electric Hoist models. FO-4400 (440 LBS), FO-4401 (880 LB), FO-4402 (1100LB), FO-4403 (1320LB), FO-4406 (1540LB), FO-4404 (2200LB).


WIRELESS Remote control up to 100 ft (depending on obstacles between receiver and transmitter)
Powered by 2 batteries "AA" (Included)
SAFETY FEATURE (1): Emergency Stop
SAFETY FEATURE (2): The START button must be pressed for 5 seconds for the receiver and transmitter to synchronize. Once synchronized the UP/DOWN button will work.
SAFETY FEATURE (3): Transmitter will shutdown after 10 minutes of inactivity.