Sailing Boat Wind Direction Indicator, 14-1/2" Vane - FO2080

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SUITBALE FOR: This Wind Direction Indicator is suitable for a sailboat, boat or any other vessel 15 feet (4.6 meters) and bigger. Accurate even in a light breeze.

DAY OR NIGHT VISIBILITY: Reflector tape on the vane and tacking tabs make this wind indicator easy to see day and night.

SPECIFICATIONS: Vane Length: 14-1/4" (36cm). Includes through-bolt and tap mounting socket; 5/16" (8mm) Stainless Steel stud, washers and nut. Stands 13" (33cm) tall. Weight: 0.24Lb (109g).

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Marine-grade materials for improved rigidity, durability, and UV resistance. Sturdy vanes and a fully adjustable tacking tab system offer many years of use.

MOUNTING: Designed to mount at the very top of the mast, usually on a small bracket or arm that extends horizontally from the masthead.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Martin
Fragile, but good value

Great price point. Worked well on my boat. However, this is my third indicator. Broke one putting up mast and the last one (my fault) during assembly. Very fragile, thin tail end. Moderate pressure snapped the tail off. Always nervous about putting up the mast with indicator attached -so, so easy to break with the slightest tap. Put glue on the base where vanes attach to make it more secure. Thinking of reinforcing the tail with glue and balancing it to make it more durable. On the positive side, they don't cost a lot and work well (when intact) on my sailboat. Super fast delivery,

Rudy Hines
Perfect for trailer-sailor

For the average sailor, this is so much less expensive than the competition and is made to the same standard. It's a nice, simple design that works as it should. It probably doesn't belong on a high-end race boat or a 40+ foot yacht, but for the rest of us, it is great.

ed sinofsky
Sensitive, durable mount and relatively cheap.

read title. all there is to say. buy it if you need a vane.

Gracie Holden
classic Wind Indicator

Good Quality and price

Susan Mcclain
Great Value

Sturdy and GREAT value