Portable Electric Hoist, Winch, 660 LBS / 300 KG, 6FT Remote Control - FO4336

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The Five Oceans 660 LBS / 300 KG Electric Hoist is designed for a powerful and reliable lifting of small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, and more; perfect for the garage, shop, farm, or job site. The 660-watt electric motor is powerful enough to make this hoist the perfect solution for lifting heavy engines, bulky loads, heavy building materials, tools, or machinery. Additional features are: a stop bracket and line blocker, the durable 39.4-foot wire cable and the heavy-duty, handheld tethered remote control for easy and safe operation. Choose single-line capacity, and lift to 330 pounds (150 KG) at a rate of 32.8 feet per minute. With double-line capacity, this hoist can lift to 660 LBS (300 KG) at a rate of 16.4 feet per minute with the included pulley hook. Your days of hand cranking and manual operation are over once you own this powerful electric hoist.


Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Current: 5.6A
Input Power: 660W
Rated Load: Single-Hook: 330 LBS (150 KG) / Double-Hook: 660 LBS (300 KG)
Lifting Height: Single-Hook: 38 FT / Double-Hook: 19 FT
Rated Speed: Single-Hook: 32.8 FT/min / Double-Hook: 16.4 FT/min
Cable Diameter: 1/8" (3mm)
Cable Tensile Strength: = 1870 (N/mm^2)
Horsepower: 0.86 hp
Insulating Grade: B
Work Rate: S3 20%
Recommended of round beam diameter: 40-50mm
Net Weight: 31 LBS (14 KG)
IP: 40


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