Pacific Windlass Kit, 5/16" HTG4 Chain - 9/16" Rope, Vertical 1000 Watts, 12V DC - FO3288

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WINDLASS MODEL: Pacific 1000 Series. Vertical Windlass. Motor Supply Voltage: 12V. Motor Power: 1000 Watts. Gypsy: Chain and Rope. Includes 3-Wire Solenoid, 100A Circuit Breaker, Up/Down Foot Switch, Rocker Switch, Manual Top-Cap Handle, Owner Manual, Mounting Hardware, and Mounting Template.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE MOTOR: The High-Power 1000 Watts provides a maximum pulling power of 1654 Lb / 750 Kg and a maximum working load of 550 Lb / 250 Kg. It allows a drop speed of 62 feet per minute. Waterproof IP66 rating motor. The five Oceans Windlass model number indicates Windlass's electric motor power (Watts), not the pulling power. Electric motor power (Watts) is the most important value when choosing a windlass for your boat.

ROPE AND CHAIN ON A SINGLE GYPSY: Chain: 5/16 Inch HT G4. Rope: 9/16 Inch (14mm) - 3 Strand. We offer a complete selection of Windlass Anchor Rodes, as well as customized ones to fit your needs. The Windlass manages the rope and chain with the use of a special spring-loaded tension arm.

MARINE-GRADE DURABLE MATERIALS: Designed of Solid polished and anodized 316 Stainless Steel Housing. Most of the components are made by hot forging and they can withstand the high-load strain.

VERTICAL WINDLASS INSTALLATION: Under-Deck installation. 4 Standard 5/16 Inch (8mm) thread mounting studs, washers, and nuts supplied. Deck thickness up to 2 Inches (50 mm). Features a vertical rotation about the deck which allows a reduced volume above the deck as the electric motor and the gearbox are sitting in the chain locker. To offer the best performance and functionality, we recommend this Vertical Windlass 1000 Watts for boats up to 50 Ft / 15 m depending on the boat style.


Motor Power: 1000 Watts
Power Supply: 12V DC
Maximum Limit Pulling Power: 1654 Lb / 750 Kg
Pulling Power: 550 Lb / 250 Kg
Maximum Limit Working Load: 550 Lb / 250 Kg
Working Load: 187 Lb / 85 Kg
Line Speed: 62 Feet per Minute
Current Draw: 65 Amps
Circuit Breaker: 100 Amps
Dual Gypsy: Chain and Rope
Chain: 5/16 Inch (8 mm) HT G4
Rope: 9/16 Inch (14mm) - 3 Strand

[Important Notice]: All of our Anchor and Docking products (like Windlasses, Anchors, Anchor Rodes, Anchor Rollers, Dock Lines, Mooring Accessories, Quicklinks, Chains, Shackles and Swivels) are recommended for use under normal weather and sea conditions. In case of extreme circumstances such as hurricanes, etc, the right precautions must be taken.

Five Oceans/Baron USA will not be responsible if the products are used under unusual weather and sea conditions.


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Ken Burns
Make sure you check

My boat mounting location was “not most” installation. It is buried in the instructions and should be a very highlighted thing especially after you drill holes in your boat. Customer support basically said not our fault your on you own.

Excellent Windlass

I've been wanting a windlass for years. My issue was my boat is an '87 and the bow deck is think with the pulpit actually coming over the top which made my mounting area about 2 1/4 think. I originally purchased the 900w, but had to get the 1000w just for the extra thickness. But that one fit great. This comes with everything you need including bow peddles (which most don't include). I purchased an aftermarket "remote control" on Amazon for about $50 which easily connected to the Five-Oceans relay, so I didn't even put the bow pedals or dash switch on, but at least they include it. The windlass seems like good quality stainless, and the motor seems very durable. Mounting was easy EXCEPT on the 1000W be careful, the template indicates the centerline (rope travel), but also includes an "arrow", so make sure you go by the "dotted line" not the arrow! I went by the arrow, and actually mounted mine a little too far to the right - and once you drill the holes, it's game over.. no re-do. Luckily it's not too far off and does not affect the performance at all... it bothers my OCD though to see the anchor line slightly crooked, but I'll get over that! I'm in Michigan, off Lake Erie and Detroit River. Our anchor spots are shallow (anywhere from 5' to 20' feet) so they grow a lot of seaweed. It's nothing to have 200 pounds of muck and seaweed on my anchor here, and this windlass pulls it up without even a slight struggle. I love it.

Henry Lowry
Works well

The windlass worked well once the feeder cables were upgraded. The circuit breaker that was provided was defective and had to be replaced. The installation instruction's diagram is not correct suggesting the breaker should be on the negative side.

Mckayla Bates
very nice, strong

Heavy-duty, very nice ,strong.

Harper Juarez
better than my original Maxwell windlass

Quite impressive, better than my original Maxwell windlass.!,