Mooring Snubbers, 23-1/4" 2-Pack - FO1400-M2

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These Five Oceans' highly elastic rubber snubbers stretch to absorb shock loads on dock lines.
You can attach them without knots or hardware and you can adjust the resilience by wrapping more or less line around it.

These snubbers extend the life of dock lines and prevent line breakage due to sudden jolting and excess stretching that can take a line beyond its parting strength. They also provide your boat maximum protection against the stress caused by wind, waves, and wakes.

The dock line feeds through an eye on one end of the snubber, then wraps around the snubber a few times before leading through the eye at the other end (as shown in image). These lines snubbers are meant to absorb the shock of a quick stop as the boat shifts with wind or current.


Length: 23-1/4 inches (590mm)
Diameter: 1/2 inches (13mm)
Material: High-Quality Elastic Rubber
Suitable for boats up to 45FT
Quantity: 2-Pack

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All of our Anchor and Docking products (like Windlasses, Anchors, Anchor Rodes, Anchor Rollers, Dock Lines, Mooring Accessories, Quicklinks, Chains, Shackles and Swivels) are recommended for use under normal weather and sea conditions. In case of extreme circumstances such as hurricanes, etc, the right precautions must be taken.

Five Oceans/Baron USA will not be responsible if the products are used under unusual weather and sea conditions.

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Save Boat lines to docks

Protects boat lines from snapping by allowing stretch when unusual waves hit dock. Storms are a real problem without these

Julius Daniels
Good, lightweight gear for your lines -

Great low chafe design - good deal price!- bought 8 for our 32ft sailboat - one on each lines, getting ready for hurricane season here in Florida