Inboard Boat Motor Flusher - FO4602

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ENGINE PROTECTION: Inboard Boat Motor Flusher provides a way to connect the Inboard to a freshwater source and effectively flush out sand, salt water, sediment, seaweed, and silt. It helps extend your outboard engine's life.

EASY TO OPERATE: You can connect these Inboard Motor Muffs to a standard garden hose or an optional quick-connect male adapter end and rubber washer. The large diameter suction cup eliminates fall-off or blow-by while flushing.

COMPATIBILITY: Great for inboard engine flushing, winterizing, or any time you need to run an inboard engine out of the water. For use on gas or diesel inboard engines with thru-hull water intakes. Great for Ski and Wake Boats.

MARINE-GRADE MATERIALS: Leakproof - The Round Muff is made of UV Resistant Black PVC. Aluminum Pole is designed to resist harsh conditions in the marine environment.

DIMENSIONS: Round Muff Diameter: 5-1/2" (70mm). Telescoping Shaft: Aluminum pole extends from 18" to 30" (457mm to 762mm)Standard Garden Hose Size: 3/4" (19mm). Male Quick Connector Size: 5/8".

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