Dual Inclinometer - FO3037

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DUAL INCLINOMETER: Upper Inclinometer - range of -6 to +6 angular degrees for fine readings. Lower inclinometer - range of -45 to +45 angular degrees for broad readings. Resolution: 1 Degree on Upper Scale. 5 Degrees on the Lower Scale.

MARINE-GRADE MATERIAL: UV Resistant ABS White Plastic Housing. Engraved numerals and hash marks are designed to resist the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Stainless Steel indicator Ball.

APPLICATION: This Dual Inclinometer and Tilt Gauge is one of the accessories that you must have for your Boat, SailBoat, RV, and Trailers.

DIMENSIONS: 4" W x 3 1/4" H x 3/8" D (101.6mm W x 82.55mm H x 9.65mm D).

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Allan Logan
Using it on my tractor to see how much side slope I'm on - works great for this

I bought a small tractor and am uncomfortable driving on side slopes. This helps me know where I am. Tractor manuals stateside slope should be avoided if possible, and weight should be transported low, but having this helps me know what angle the tractor is at. Once I'm more seasoned at tractor driving, I'm sure that my body will just feel the slope and this product probably won't be needed, but for now, this serves my purpose and it wasn't too expensive. Appears better made than RV levels I've used for my RV in the past, and I like the two scales.

Marianela Ortego
Dual Scale is Helpful

Purchased to check side tilt in my RZR 50" trail UTV. Works fine, but I find that when I am in a situation where I need to look at it, it is too intense for me to take my eyes off the trail and look at the scale. So, I sometimes have my passenger check for me. It helps me know just what side tilt I can ride on before being in danger of rolling over. I guess I will know the limit when I finally roll! Anyway, I am glad to have it.

Adrienne Sheppard
Works good

This is the second one we have purchased in three years. The ball on the first one got rusty from salt air and got stuck. I guess three years in a salt environment is not too bad. It looks nice was a good price and works--until it rusts. :)

Amy Hernandez
Not as good looking as the photo

Cheap plastic! Not as good looking as the photo. Looks cheap but due to basic physics it does work. I wouldn’t expose it to sun or salt very long.

Matthias Terry
Four Stars

Quality material and markings. Oil filled tubes so slower angle response but vibration proof. No rattle