Delta Style Wing Anchor, 9 Lb / 4 Kg, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel - FO4213

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Durable Pontoon Boat Anchor - Hot-dipped galvanized anchor. It has all of the wing - delta anchor Features. Recommended for boat length up to 27 ft.

Delta Style - Boat sand anchor solid one-piece design provides excellent holding power. Balanced to fall unaided from bow rollers. This sand anchor for boat is self-launching, making it ideal for use with windlasses.

Features - High holding power, fast setting, self-launching, Smooth setting into bow roller. Each pontoon anchor boat includes a tripline eye to allow for an easier breakout.

Extreme Holding Power - The plow performs well in a variety of seafloor compositions including mud, sand, and rock. This plow anchor fits many bow rollers and pulpits.

Measurements - Heavy duty anchors for boats 9 Lb / 4 Kg. Length: 20-1/4 inches (514mm). Width: 9 inches (229mm). Recommended Minimum Chain Diameter: 1/4 Inch (6mm).

[Important Notice]: All our Anchor and Docking products (like Windlasses, Anchors, Anchor Rodes, Anchor Rollers, Dock Lines, Mooring Accessories, Quicklinks, Chains, Shackles, and Swivels) are recommended for use under normal weather and sea conditions. In case of extreme circumstances such as hurricanes, etc., the right precautions must be taken.

Five Oceans/Baron USA will not be responsible if the products are used under unusual weather and sea conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Black
Works great in weeds!

We live on a very reedy lake. Our previous danforth anchor would not hold our 20 ft runabout in any wind. We switched to this 9 lbd delta wing anchor and we have had great success. It cuts through the weeds and digs right in to the bottom. It does the job!


5.0 out of 5 stars Much better than an infernal Danforth and a fair price. You will be happy!

The very FIRST TIME we put out this anchor with a length of chain/rope it held quickly and every time after that. The weld is very nice looking as well as the plating and is better than the picture shown in the ad. We had been trying to use an appropriate sized Danforth type anchor with chain in the Sacramento River at the convergence of the American River for some fishing. We must have attempted 25 times to get a hold of the bottom but absolutely no luck and ruined the day with sore arms. The river had a lot of currents but where the Danforth failed the Delta worked great.

Alan Liebig
2 thumbs up!

Great product and great service....thank you