5/16" Outboard Motor Fuel Line with Large Primer Bulb for OMC/Johnson/Evinrude, 6' Long, EPA/CARB - FO3100-C1

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PACKAGE INCLUDES: A Leakproof Outboard Motor Fuel Line Assembly 5/16-Inch Hose 6 Feet Long, a Premium Primer Bulb, 2 OMC/Johnson/Evinrude Male Quick Connectors, and 2 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps.

ENGINE COMPATIBILITY: OMC/Johnson/Evinrude engines and tank connectors. Meets USCG type B1-15 SAE J1527 and ABYC Accepted Standards. Reinforce Hose Approved by Environmental Protection Agency EPA and CARB regulations.

MULTI-LAYER: Low-permeation Primer Bulb 3/8 Inch Hose that provides reliable and efficient priming to help start your boat engine.

FUEL COMPATIBILITY: Primarily used for fuel feed. Compatible with gasoline up to 85% ethanol-blended fuels, diesel, and all bio-diesel blends.

DURABLE MATERIAL: Engineered and designed with marine-grade material. This Outboard Fuel line is weather and UV Resistant.

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