5-Slotted Louvered Ventilators, 13-1/4-Inch x 4-3/4-Inch, Black - FO105

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DURABILITY AND CORROSION RESISTANCE: Slotted louvered vent is made from black ABS Plastic marine-grade material which is highly resistant to corrosion caused by exposure to saltwater and marine environments.

MEASUREMENTS: External Size: 4-3/4" W x 13-1/4" L (121mm x 336mm). Cutout Size: 3-1/2" W x 12" L (89mm x 305mm).

IMPROVED AIR CIRCULATION: It Promotes better air circulation by allowing fresh air to enter and stale air to exit, reducing condensation buildup, odors, and the risk of moisture-related issues.

EASY INSTALLATION: Simple installation methods make this Boat Slotted Vent a convenient choice for boat owners who may want to replace old vents. Mounting hardware: #8 FH screws (not included).

MARINE AND BOATING: Slotted louvered vents are used in boats and ships to allow proper air circulation while preventing water intrusion and keeping out unwanted elements like insects and debris.


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Clay Palmer
Well made for the price

"Fit my boat exactly as as discride great for the money

worked great for my needs,could be for yours also.use your imagination

its for marine use, but I used them to deflect the air output from my air conditioner to the sides, since the design of the air conditioner is worse than terrible.

Jalen Charles
Five Stars

Does the Job

Graham Frederick
A pair of these babies mounted into the hood allows the engine to breathe a little bit better.

These are great for adding some ventilation to the hood of your Jeep. Sadly the mighty 4.0 is somewhat prone to cooling issues in that your system needs to be top-notch to run normal. These help. A pair of these babies mounted into the hood allows the engine to breathe a little bit better. When you're moving road air is allowed a path through the hood carrying heat away with it. At slow speed or park heat is allowed to disappate upward via the hood vents. A++ would mod again