Rope Line 9/16" x 100', 3-Strand Nylon - FO4487-M100

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This Five Oceans Premium line, with a diameter of 9/16 inches and a length of 100 FT, is an outstanding choice for worry-free anchoring. Line's 3-Strand 4-stage construction with 100% premium nylon enhances its durability and reliability. An extremely strong white line with elastic and flexible properties is designed to absorb sudden shock loads so it can withstand the rigors of harsh marine environments. It resists abrasion, UV degradation, complications from exposure to moisture, mildew, and most chemicals. Integrated tracer lets you monitor wear over time. This premium anchor line is lightweight and floatable. Its weight is 7 lbs / 100 feet and it support load up to 8800 lbs. Please, verify what size and type of rope come with your windlass. Generally, you can find that information engraved in the windlass.


Material: 3-Strand high-grade marine nylon
Weight: 0.07 LBS per foot
Size: 9/16 in
Color: White with Tracer
Features: Outstanding strength and high abrasion resistance

We sell Five Oceans Marine Premium 3-Strand Nylon Twisted Rope 9/16 inch, White with Tracer by the foot in lengths up to the size of the Standard Pack