Boat Anchor Lead Chain with Shackles, 1/4" x 5', HTG4 Galvanized Steel - FO4489-G5

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SET INCLUDES - A 1/4-Inch x 5-foot HTG4 Galvanized Steel Grade 43 Anchor Chain with 2 Stainless Steel AISI316 1/4-Inch Captive Pin Bow Shackles.

IMPROVE YOUR ANCHORING EXPERIENCE - It allows the anchor to set faster and more reliably by creating a downward pull on the anchor handle (also referred to as the Shank).

PROTECTS YOUR LINE - Protects your nylon line from debris or other sharp objects underwater that could potentially lead to a cut line, and losing an anchor.

DONT LOOSE YOUR ANCHOR ANYMORE - Anchor Chain Helps the rode to lie horizontally once set, rather than be pulled upward and loosen the anchor.

SPECIFICATIONS - Working Load (MWL): 1818.81 Lb (825 Kg). 1-Foot weighs approximately 0.73lbs (0.33Kg).