Anchor Lead Chain 5/16" x 5', HTG4 Galvanized Steel - FO4490-G5

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Five Oceans Lead chains help the proper functioning of your Anchor Rode. With their weight, they generate the proper Scope. The correct Scope is essential for the proper functioning of the Anchor by creating a downward pull on the anchor handle, referred to as the Shank. Helping the rode line pull horizontally, rather than be pulled upward and loosen the Anchor. Protects your nylon line from debris or other sharp objects underwater that could lead to a cut line and anchor loss. Works on all windlasses brands. Ideal for anchoring on vessels from kayaks, Pontoon, Fishing, Sailing, and Cruising boats. Using a chain on any anchor is essential for the entire anchoring system. Decades of anchoring research and testing prove how crucial are the chain leads as part of the anchor lines.


Chain Size: 5/16 inch
Material: High Test Galvanized Steel
Breaking Strength: 9523.97LB (4320KG)
Maximum Working Load (MWL): 2380.9LB (1080KG)
Chain Weight: 0.94lbs per foot
Chain Type: Grade 43 HT (G4)
Includes: Two (2) 5/16 inch Captive Pin Bow Shackles